Planned for mindfulness of the eco-impact of cryptocurrency & NFTs, every LuckyLadyGames project goes through an ‘how-to-be as eco-friendly as possible’ design filter that includes innovating brand new methods to make on-chain initiatives more green.

So in a nutshell, LLG ecoNFTs are NFTs that donate 100% of net proceeds to planet regeneration through trusted eco non-profits as part of our corporate social responsibility plan. ecoNFTs are minted on chosen blockchains that utilize energy-conscious consensus mechanisms and are linked to real-world updates on a dedicated section of our company website. For example, our first drop will be Treewaii ecoNFTs on Polygon, where each NFT plants a tree and stewards that tree for 10 years. You can learn more about Treewaii ecoNFTs at Treewaii.com and by joining our community channels @Treewaii.

Treewaii are the cutest eco-friendly digitally generated unique tree cartoon NFT that exists on the Polygon blockchain, a layer 2 solution from the Ethereum ecosystem. Each Treewaii NFT minted or traded plants for one tree in real life and can be minted using MATIC at Treewaii.com.

Each Treewaii has a baseline cost of 22 Matic. At the time of this writing it is about $33USD. The price has been set at this level because we really want to ensure true long-term carbon offset, and the best chance is to not only plant the tree but make sure it is stewarded for at least 10 years of life.

Good question! Since Treewaii is part of the LuckyLadyGames (LLG) ecosystem, holding any LLG ecoNFT will help you complete special collections in-game, and also release special green skins and loot boxes in LLG games that are coming soon. Benefits will continue to unlock over time and with each future release.

Everytime a Treewaii is minted or repurchased through a transaction a tree is planted. So, the answer is, it depends on how many times your Treewaii does a transaction.

Yes you can buy & collect as many Treewaii’s as you like.

Only time will tell my friend. Hopefully yes, as there are a limited number of Treewaii per release with traits that retire making it rarer and rarer overtime.

Yes you can! By playing in a LuckyLadyGames blockchain game such as CasinoEmpire.io, you can trigger the release of Treewaii NFTs which you can mint right in game using the in-game wallet and your CASI balance. Another way is to follow our community and social media for free giveaways monthly.

Sorry, we wish we could but we cannot due to the nature of blockchain and decentralization and also short of tech resources, this is not a service we currently offer. If you tried to buy a Treewaii on a secondary marketplace such as Opensea.io, we suggest you try messaging their customer service.

Yes. Every Treewaii transaction, purchased or sold, also plants one tree because for resales, Treewaii keeps a fee of 20%. This is all tracked on the Polygon blockchain and is publicly available on Polygon Explorer.

We use tree planting partners to do our tree planting initiatives. Currently we are looking to plant with Trees Canada and Eden Reforestation, where we have 6 different planting locations. For exact details and live information, please check our website for blog updates & follow us on our social media platforms to be a part of our community.

In order to buy Treewaii NFTs you need to use MATIC and be on the Polygon Network. While this is a harder process than buying with straight ETH, our decision to use MATIC is one of low transaction fees (after the initial transfer of ETH funds to Polygon) and the most eco-viable solution currently available.


You can directly buy MATIC from exchanges, like Binance and Coinbase.


You can also bridge and swap with wETH:

  1. You need to successfully purchase Ethereum cryptocurrency and store it in a Ethereum compatible wallet.
  2. You will need a web browser wallet such as Metamask, which we recommend to start as it is the most famous Ethereum wallet and accepted by most of the marketplaces.
  3. Transfer some Ethereum over to your Metamask. Now you need to swap this Ethereum to Matic tokens, but you need to move your Ethereum from the Ethereum blockchain to the Polygon chain because in order to buy things on Polygon, you need some Matic on the Polygon Network. This step can be complicated, but once it is done, you don’t ever have to worry about paying crazy Eth-gas fees again. 
  4. Great! Now once you see your wETH (wrapped ETH) on the Polygon chain, you can now use token swap and change it over to MATIC. This is the last time you will have to pay gas fees in this process. It is annoying & expensive, we know.
  5. Once you have some Matic in your Metamask, you can now purchase a Treewaii with your Metamask connected to the Polygon Network on Treewaii.com or Opensea.io.

  • Digiconomist estimates an average carbon footprint of an NFT is ~48kg of C02 on the Ethereum Network (approx.14x that of mailing an art print which is est.2.3kg Co2)
  • Keeping in mind, everytime a NFT is minted or sold is another transaction
  • Treewaii uses the most eco-friendly blockchain solutions for our eco-NFTs which include Polygon.
    • According to the Polygon blog - Ethereum’s CO2 emissions currently clock at roughly 92.23 kg per transaction, compared with just 0.0003 kg for Polygon PoS. That’s the difference between burning 46 kg of coal and ~ one tenth of a gram.
  • One tree sequesters on average ~22lbs of C02 per year according to onetreeplanted.org
  • For every Treewaii minted, one tree planted covers the carbon footprint of the NFT minting by more than 10,000 times because we are choosing the most eco-friendly blockchain solutions that use the most energy efficient Web 3.0 such as proof of stake.
  • For more info on the eco-impact of NFTs, we have put together a list of links here:

Treewaii is a part of the LuckyLadyGames.com responsible gaming and entertainment initiative. Treewaii is non-profit and development is funded by LuckyLadyGames.com for the sole purpose of giving back & growing positivity in the crypto & NFT community.

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